1. Cat show exhibitors must abide by the CFSA Show Rules.
  2. Entries must be received by the Show Manager by midnight of the closing date published on the applicable official entry and summary forms.
  3. Entries must be accompanied by a completed Entry Detail form, a completed Entry Summary form, each cat’s CFSA pedigree/registration, proof of ownership, up-to-date vaccination record, a membership form (if membership is applied for with the show entry), and PROOF OF PAYMENT.
  4. The Show Manager will not accept any entries that are not filled out in FULL and that are not accompanied by the documents outlined in point 3.
  5. The Show Manager will not accept “potential” entries. If you enter a cat into the show, you must pay for it’s entry upon submission. It is the exhibitor’s prerogative to withdraw entries to a show, however there will be no REFUNDS whatsoever paid to exhibitors for withdrawn entries for any reason.
  6. The Show Manager will not grant extensions for entries or payments under any circumstances. The onus is on the exhibitor to send in correct entry forms and enter on time.
  7. Each exhibitor must declare how many trestle tables they require for their exhibits in the provided space on the Summary Form. The KZNCC  will not be held responsible if inadequate space has been allocated to your exhibits because you failed to declare the space you require.
  8. The KZN Cat Club, show administrators, volunteers, hired labour,  judges, stewards, officials, exhibitors, vendors and sponsors, and any observers or participants assume no liability whatsoever for personal injuries, illness, death and injuries to animals, humans, or property damage that may arise from attendance and/or participation in KZNCC Cat Shows.


By entering or visiting a KZNCC Cat Show you automatically agree to the terms herein.