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The KwaZulu Natal Cat Club (KZNCC) is a “Non-Profit Cat Club” affiliated to the Cat Federation of South Africa (CFSA).

The Club holds various cat shows throughout the year in KwaZulu Natal, including shows for CFSA Breed Groups who fall under the auspices of KZNCC.

The KZNCC’s history is closely related to one of the very first Clubs in South Africa to be conceived, The Natal Cat Club, which dates back to its first show in 1948. With the division of the National Cat Society in 1997 into the Southern African Cat Council and the Cat Federation of Southern Africa, the Natal Cat Club offered a referendum to its members who chose to dissolve the club with SACC and formed a new club, the Natal Cat Society, under the management of a new committee of KZN-based Cat Judges. The result of the referendum was to affiliate the new Club with CFSA. It later changed its name to the KwaZulu Natal Cat Club in 2001.

The KZNCC seen many exquisite cats since its first show, its history is rich with community, passion and of course, CATS! The KZNCC Committee has undergone a lot of restructuring over the years and boasts a dynamic team of individuals who are committed to building the club and the cat fancy in the province. Our theme for the year is “Awareness” and we would like to invite all dedicated cat slaves, to give showing a try, get involved and help us grow further.

In the past five years, the KZNCC Committee has worked hard at growing our membership base, focusing on new exhibitors, new breeders and our kitten’s owners. We welcome all new exhibitors to our family and hope that this trend continues in 2020.

Cat Shows

The KZNCC has, historically, held 2 – 3 cat shows annually in Durban, South Africa and for the past 3 years, have organised the first ever Triple Cat Show Weekend in the province. Many exhibitors will tell you our shows are laid-back, fun and enjoyable. 

Cat Breeders

Breeders registered with CFSA are required to become a member of a cat club and many of CFSA’s Breeders choose KZNCC, even if they do not necessarily reside in the province. We offer our breeders a free listing of their catteries on our BREEDERS page and members can enjoy largely reduced entry fees for our shows. 

Cat Enthusiasts

Our members come from all over the country – from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, outer-lying, more remote areas in KwaZulu Natal as well as from Gauteng, North West, and Limpopo. 

Meet Our Team

The KZNCC Team is comprised of elected and co-opted members who are in good standing with the Club. 

Should you wish to get more involved, joining a Club Committee is a great way for new breeders and exhibitors to learn the ropes and make lifelong friends. 

Mathilda Rademan

Mathilda Rademan


Mathilda is our resident KZNCC “Unicorn” – a mystical, organised creature that gets things done! She took over the chair position in 2019 and was elected chair again for 2020. Her pride and joy are her furkids and she enjoys making and selling her beautiful cat toys, quilts and goodies and showing her Maine Coons. 

Maria Kohn

Maria Kohn


Maria rejoined the KZNCC Team in 2019 after a break and was elected Honorary Secretary for 2020. We are so excited to have her back on our dream team! Maria is an experienced exhibitor, administrator and huge animal-lover. She shows her beautiful Ragdoll neuters nationwide and has experienced multiple show successes.

Nicole Barratt

Nicole Barratt


Nicole has been involved with the Cat Fancy for over 13 years and has served on various Club and Breed Group Committees since 2007. She is an active Oriental, Siamese & Peterbald breeder, exhibitor and an inactive CFSA judge qualified in Persian/Exotics and Medium Hairs. With a background in design, marketing and PR she plays an important role in ensuring the Club’s online presence and design needs are taken care of. Nicole also serves on the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance Breed Group committee. Nicole relocated to the USA in August 2019 but maintains her role on the team.

Nick Coetzee

Nick Coetzee


Nick joined the KZNCC Committee in 2017 and has become an important part of our team. His enthusiasm to get involved and help out has been contagious. Nick started his breeding career in 2018 with Persians and Exotics. Nick is our go-to person for show sponsorship and also assists with marketing. If you wish to sponsor a KZNCC show, please contact him for more information on how to get involved.

Judy May

Judy May


Judy has been our treasurer since 2014. She is a constant at CFSA shows, a recipient of the President’s Award in 2016 and has been willing to step in and help with our finances every year. Judy shows a number of registered breeds but her pride and joy are her rescues. She is an excellent person to talk to about showing your domestic pet.

Alistair Hughes

Alistair Hughes


Alistair rejoined our team in late 2018 and is eager to get involved this year again. Being an experienced Norwegian Forest Cat exhibitor and breeder in both KZN, Alistair brings to the team quiet enthusiasm and cheeky wit to keep us all on our toes. 

Mariette "Blingy" Burger

Mariette "Blingy" Burger


Mariette (or Blingy, as she is fondly known) joined the Committee in 2014. She has a vast knowledge of show management, administration and a track record of over 23 years involvement in the cat fancy breeding Oriental, Siamese and Peterbald, as well as serving on various Breed Group Committees. Mariette also serves, currently as the Information Executive for CFSA and the Chair of the Siamese, Oriental and Peterbald Alliance.

Kathy Hoole

Kathy Hoole


Kathy joined the Committee in 2015 and has been a welcomed addition to the team with a broad knowledge about her breeds, breeding and showing. She is our go to person at shows for new exhibitors and members of the public wishing to show and learn more about the cat fancy. Kathy was elected Membership Secretary for 2020.

Dudley Hoole


Dudley is a constant at Cat Shows in the province and is an enthusiastic member of the team. He shows and breeds Sphynx and Bambino among other breeds, with wife, Kathy Hoole. Dudley has just recently come on board to the committee in 2020. Welcome to the team!

Liz McGregor


Liz joined our team in 2018. She is a seasoned exhibitor, is a lover of ferals and works with feline welfare in Durban. Liz has shown many beautiful domestic pets over the years and is experienced with CFSA Club committees. She was formerly a member of the Cleopatra Cat Club before it was dissolved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to enter KZNCC shows?

You don’t have to become a member of KZNCC to show at our shows, but being a member is beneficial as you will receive significant savings on your entry fees. 

Does my cat need to be registered with CFSA to show at KZNCC shows?

All pedigreed cats and household pets need to be registered with CFSA to show at KZNCC shows. To get a registration number for your pedigreed cat, you can apply for a registration number if your cat is registered with another organisation. To get a registration number for your household pet, you can register directly with CFSA using the pet registration form. 

I have bought a kitten with show potential. Now what?

Speak to your breeder to learn about showing your kitten. If the breeder does not show at CFSA shows, you are welcome to contact us so we can help mentor you through the process as it can be quite confusing for new exhibitors. 

What breeds are accepted by CFSA?

There are a large variety of breeds accepted for Championship status and breeding at CFSA Shows. You can find the list here. If your breed is not listed and you would like to go through the process of acceptance, you can contact the CFSA Breed Council to help you with your application and explain the process to you.

What do I need to enter my cat in a show?

To enter a cat in a CFSA Show, you need to have the following documents ready to send through to our show manager before the closing date: A completed entry form, a completed entry summary form, proof of payment, your cat(s) registration document and CFSA Pedigree, proof of ownership from CFSA, and an up to date Vaccination record. If you apply for membership with your entry, you need to also send us a completed membership form. 

I want to sponsor a show? Who do I contact?

We can offer various sponsorship opportunities for like-minded brands who wish to reach breeders and exhibitors as well as visiting public with their products and services. Please contact nick@kzncatclub.co.za if you wish to sponsor one of our shows or fundraising efforts. 

Get In Touch!

Contact a member of the KZN Cat Club Committee if you have any questions, or queries. 

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Show Manager – 081 300 5229
Membership – 083 952 1302
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